Susan Boyle recently shared an on-screen relationship with actor James Cosmo of Braveheart fame in what will be her big screen debut in The Christmas Candle.

The 52-year-old Britain’s Got Talent viral sensation was originally asked to feature on the film’s soundtrack, but was later approached for a small cameo role. Impressed by her talent on screen, the producers afforded her a larger role- playing Eleanor Hopewell, wife to the church warden played by Cosmo.
Initially unaware of the kissing scene between the two characters, Boyle commented in an interview with The Sun that she “didn’t know about the kissing scene,” but she “wasn’t complaining” either.
Having since kicked off her first live tour- a circuit of Scotland, of which she and co-star Cosmo are both natives- Boyle expressed that she does in fact want to “find a man,” but that can be difficult considering “all the traveling [she does].” She’s asked her friends to “set [her] up with a good man- if they can find one.”
Even before the tour launched, tickets sold rapidly. A spokeswoman for the show said that a few tickets are still left for Glasgow and Edinburgh, but that everything else is sold out, reports A 7-night tour, the planned stops are in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, and Edinburgh after kicking off from Inverness.
Though this is Boyle’s first tour, it is certainly not her first brush with popularity after her BGT sensation. To date, Boyle has sold over 13 million albums and topped the charts in over 30 countries, amassing a small fortune of around $30 million, according to The Sun.
Boyle’s quest for a man may have to be put on hold for at least the duration of the tour, but with several sold out shows full of admirers, she may not have to search very far for the “good man” she’s waiting on.