Roscommon native Chris O’Dowd announced on Thursday morning via Twitter that he and his girlfriend Dawn Porter are now engaged. Said O’Dowd (@BigBoyler) humorously on Twitter, “I'm so bored of all this happiness and sex. I'm getting married. #engaged."

O’Dowd, who played a cop in this summer’s mega-hit, ‘Bridesmaids,’ followed up his tweet with another saying, “Aw, thanks for all the congrats guys. Feelin the twitter love today. Very happy & lucky boy. #engaged.”
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O’Dowd’s new fiance took to Twitter as well, channeling Beyonce’s hit by saying "I guess he liked it, coz he put a ring on it #engaged.”  RTE reports that Porter said that O’Dowd proposed on the day after Christmas at Havelet Bay, Guernsey.

O’Dowd is currently in works for a new show on Sky 1 about growing up in 80s Ireland, entitled ‘Moone Boy.’