The sequel for “Bridemaids” is looking more likely after the films director Paul Feig admitted “nothing would make him happier” than making a sequel.

“It would just have to be as good as or better than this one. What you don’t want to do is the one that ruins the memory of the first one.”

Speaking to Movie Line he said he was very open to the possibility.

“If it’s as good or as better than the first one that would be fantastic. Because everything around it was great — the cast, the people behind the scenes, the stories we’re telling, the fact that we get to do movies for and with hugely talented women. What could be better than that? It would be great to carry that on, but, again, it has to be high quality.”

Talking about the success of the film he said he thought the film had captured a real fly in the wall quality.

“People like that fly-on-the-wall quality. Even though I didn’t shoot Bridesmaids that way, that’s the style of acting, writing, and performance in our portrayal of the world we’re showing.”

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