Irish American actress Mellisa McCarthy made an unforgettable impression this summer in Bridesmaids, where her comedy talent was described as exceptional and completely unforgettable.

Playing Megan she helped Bridesmaids exceed all expectations and now Hollywood and the public can't get enough of her - which in Hollywood mesa that it won't be long until we see her again on the big screen.

Already there's talk of a Bridesmaids sequel and when GQ's recently profiled here we had a closer look at this remarkable new talent, that critics are calling the funniest woman in Hollywood.

McCarthy says she took to the role of Megan immediately - instantly envisioning her clothing and her decidedly bizarre personality.

'For the audition, I wore no makeup and a bad pant,' she said. 'Once I look like the character, it really locks me in, even if people sometimes say, 'We need you not to be repulsive.''

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Ben Falcone, the actor who plays Air Marshal John - who is also her real-life husband - knows McCarthy's commitment goes beyond appearances.

'Melissa will do anything to get a laugh. It's pathological,' he told the Huffington Post. Falcone goes on to relay an anecdote from her improv days with Groundlings where McCarthy tried to pop a balloon - but she couldn't. She did not give up, however.

'She finally head-butts the freaking thing, and it pops, and she smashes her face into the stage and breaks her nose. To this day she's like, 'Well, the audience liked it.'"

Talk about dedication to your craft.

'Bridesmaids' Melissa McCarthy