Melissa McCarthy, former star of "Bridesmaids," is set to star in "This is Forty," a new film written and directed by Judd Apatow. Apatow also produced ‘Bridesmaids.'

The cast of "This is Forty" are set to be joined by J.J. Abrahams "Super 8" star Ryan Lee and "Knocked up" stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.

Although details surrounding the films plot are quite murky, it is rumored that Ryan Lee will play the son of McCarthy who will attend the same school as "The Knocked-up" duo’s son will attend.

The movie, which does not have a release date as of yet, has just started shooting. In a recent Tweet, Apatow has commented on his feelings towards its progression: “Four days into the shoot. It feels like the last few days of shooting apocalypse now. I am suicidal in the silver fish. Seems funny though.”

Not all too surprising Judd - another humorous film.

Roscommon-born Chris O’Dowd has also been tipped by the Irish Independent to make an appearance in the comedy. The former star of the ‘’IT Crowd” comedy series is friends with McCarthy and was last month pictured in Dublin with her so he would not make an all to surprising edition.

Melissa McCarthy