Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll’s foul mouthed female alter ego Mrs Brown is ready for her close up.

According to the Irish Times the title character of the comedy smash hit is reportedly filming the first of what O’Carroll hopes will become a franchise of Mrs Brown films.

This week O’Carroll was reportedly filming in Dublin’s famed Moore Street, which he compared to performing in a stadium due to the crowds of passersby gawking at the camera crews.

The $6.5 million film, if it gains the audience the TV series did, could soon rank as the most popular television and film franchise ever to have come out of Ireland.

In the new film Agnes Brown reportedly finds herself facing down a crooked Eastern European developer who wants to take down her market stall and build a set of apartments.

Mrs Brown is becoming an international phenomenon. It recently started showing in Canada and all 220,000 tickets to the stage show sold out in Australia. It’s also become the number one comedy show on Romanian television, where Carroll insisted that Mrs Brown’s gay son Rory be kept in the show despite reservations from the conservative television companies there.

The film will reportedly shoot for seven weeks in Dublin and is scheduled for release in June next year.

Here's the BBC promo for "Mrs Brown" TV show:

Brendan O'Carroll's "Mrs Brown" movie has started filming in DublinIrish Post