“Scabrous, profane, violent, verbally adroit and very often hilarious” according to Independent.ie; these were the words that The Hollywood Reporter chose to describe ‘The Guard’ after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The movie is now attracting serious buzz. It stars Brendan Gleeson as an Irish cop whose life is disturbed when an FBI agent played by Don Cheadle arrives in his village on the trail of drug dealers.

‘The Guard,’ directed by John Michael McDonagh, is set in Galway and is expected to be just as much a success as ‘In Bruges’ (directed by John Michael McDonagh’s brother, Martin) and ‘The King’s Speech.’ It tells the tale of of a sergeant, played by Brendan Gleeson, who is tired of his life and job; the story then unfolds when a member of the FBI (Don Cheadle, the executive producer) is sent into the town to “investigate an international cocaine smuggling ring.” 
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Although genuinely curious to see how the film will fare in America, makers of the movie believe that most audiences will find it funny. It opens July 1st.

The movie also plans on using Cheadle, a “really well-respected actor,” to help promote the film.

Commenting on the film’s risque language and themes, Cheadle said, “It just made me laugh. I felt as if it as clear that the film was pushing the boundaries of what is funny.”