Brendan Gleeson’s new movie ‘Calvary,’ which has been described as a dark comic thriller, has been selected as one of two Irish films to have their world premieres at the Sundance festival in Utah this coming January.

The movie stars a host of “A” list stars including Chris O’Dowd, Pat Shortt and David Wilmot. Gleeson’s character, Father James Lavelle, is hearing confessions when one of his own parishioners informs the priest that he is intent on killing him.

The plot see’s the priest with seven days to determine who his would-be killer is and to put his affairs in order, before his time runs out. The priest is bound by his vocational vows and this prevents the local curate from seeking assistance from the police in his quest to find his potential murderer.

Gleeson’s character opts to engage in the wider community and enlists the help of his parishioners with the aim of dissuading the would-be killer.

The movie is directed by John Michael McDonagh, the writer and director of "The Guard," and will be released on April 11th, 2014.

Earlier this month Irish Voice Arts Editor, Cahir O'Doherty caught up with Irish comedian Dylan Moran to discuss the upcoming movie.

“The plot very much falls upon the character played by Brendan Gleeson, a local priest intent on making the world a better place until he runs afoul of the vested interests in his little town. Think 'High Noon' in Connemara,” says Moran.

It seems certain to be the same kind of hit that McDonagh’s hugely popular "The Guard" was, Moran says.

“I think it’s a really good old-fashioned kind of Hollywood movie really. We were shooting in the west of Ireland, which I didn’t know growing up, and it’s extraordinary dramatic and beautiful landscape,” Moran says.

“It adds to the atmosphere of a script pregnant with history. It feels big in a way that Ireland often doesn’t.”

Here’s the trailer: