‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul took time out last week to meet some Irish fans, who were on a celebrity bus tour in Los Angeles.

“We’ve come all the way from Ireland to see you,” Paul McNeive declared, before Paul decended the steps of his large home to greet the fans.

The encounter was filmed and posted to YouTube where it has attracted over one million views since Friday.

Paul - who plays Jesse Pinkman on the  award winning AMC series, can be seen telling the Irish tourists how his own family were in town ahead of the show's final season premiere.

“Sometimes I see the van, and sometimes I don’t. And when I do, I try to say hello,” Paul told the group. The award winning actor even got into the bus to pose for photographs with the Irish family.

Last Wednesday, Paul and the rest of the Breaking Bad cast celebrated the show’s final season premiere, to which they arrived in Jesse and Walt's (Bryan Cranston) iconic RV. 
Watch the video: Aaron Paul meets McNeive clan below: