Bradly Cooper is in the running to play the role of Lucifer in a 3D big screen adaptation of Milton's poem "Paradise Lost," according to Variety Showblitz.

The film is been lead by Alex Proyas, the director of “The Crow”.

“Paradise Lost’ is currently in pre-production and the script has been co-written by the likes of Oscar Award nominee Lawrence Kasdan, who penned twp of the original ‘Star Wars” films as well as “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

The movie will tell the story of the war in heaven among archangels Michael and Lucifier, as well as the devil’s involvement in Adam and Eve’s blunder in the Garden of Eden.

Cooper is reportedly in talks currently for the lead role in Legendary’s remake of the culy classic
“The Crow” and will star in the upcoming summer comedy sequel “The Hangover II”, which opens May 26.

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