Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy was one of the most beloved Irishmen of all time.

In a tribute to him to mark the anniversary of his death in 2017, the group New Airs released their version of the beloved tune The Boys Are Back in Town - a classical version performed by a violin, viola, cello and percussion. The results are just brilliant.

The piece, arranged by Glen Austin, was performed in the beautiful surrounds of Smock Alley Theatre, in Lynott’s hometown of Dublin.

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The Boys Are Back in Town was released as a single and as part of the 1976 album Jailbreak. It was ranked in the 499th position among the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, in 2004.  In March 2005, Q magazine placed the song at #38 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks. The song continues to be played at most Irish rugby matches.

This particular Thin Lizzy tune caused some controversy in the United States in 2012 when it was used at the Republican National Convention to introduce the then Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan on stage. Its use was unauthorized and both Lynott's mother, Philomena Lynott, and Thin Lizzy lead guitarist Scott Gorham criticized its use, suggesting that Lynott would have not wanted his music used for any political use, including endorsing politicians, and furthermore would likely have objected to the policies of Ryan and his running mate Mitt Romney.

It seems Phil Lynott may be gone but is, very much so, not forgotten.

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