Boy George says that he rejects belligerently rejecting a recognition from the Royal family such as an OBE or a Knighthood.

The Culture Club front man, who spent time in prison last year for imprisoning a male escort said that his decision to reject a royal recognition upset his mother deeply.

"I was asked a few years ago whether I would take one and I kind of said no, but I think if I was asked again I would say yes now,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I was a bit belligerent at that point, and my mom was so upset."

He admitted that although he had never met the Queen he had met some of the other members of the royal family.

“I met Margaret when she was alive, and I met Diana a few times, who was adorable, very sweet, but never met the Queen.

"I would love to meet the Queen. I'd take my mom to Buckingham Palace. Now that I've grown up a bit my mom would love to go for the day, you know."