A new book is making unworldly claims about the U.S. ex-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, claiming she had cheated on her husband, had a one night stand with a basketball star and has a history of drug use.

The upcoming book "The Rogue" by controversial author Joe McGinnis,due to hit shelves on Sept. 20, looks to uncover the "real Sarah Palin."

The Daily Mail reports that the book claims that Palin snorted cocaine off a 55 gallon oil drum with her husband while snowmobiling with friends as well as smoked marijuana with one of her college professors in secret.

The author says that Palin, who is now 47-years-old, had a one-night stand with Miami Heat basketball star Glen Rice less than a year before she eloped with her husband Todd. She is said to have had the whirl wind romance with the basketball star in her younger sister Molly's University of Alaska dorm room. She met the incredibly tall player in 1987 when she covered a college basketball tournament as a sports reporter for KTUU television in Alaska.



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Glen Rice, who went on to have a successful career playing in the NBA and was a three-timer All-Star, has reportedly confirmed the affair in McGinniss's tell-all book.

The book also claims that while married, Palin had an affair with Brad Hanson who was one of her husband's business partners, which caused Todd Palin to end his partnership at the snowmobile dealership he ran with Hanson.

The author took every measure necessary in his attempt to reveal Sarah Palin's skeletons. Mr McGinness has followed the former vice presidential candidate for three years and in 2010 he even moved in to a home next door to the Palin residence in Wasilla, Alaska, to have a closer connection to the politician.

The sensational claims could affect the former Alaskan governor's chances of running in the presidential candidacy in 2012, although she has yet to confirm her involvement in the race. She is said to be announcing whether she will be running by the end of this month.

Joe McGinnis is a known controversial author and "The Rogue" is no exception. With these revelations and accusations, Palin must either come up with well thought out excuses or suffer the consequences of giving her possible competitor, Michelle Bachman, a boost in votes.