She might be married to one of the biggest rock stars on the planet, but Bono’s wife Ali Hewson is very much her own woman with all kinds of things going on.  She revealed much about herself and her lifestyle during a recent interview with the Dublin Sunday World, and it’s clear that Bono has more than met his match with 50-year-old Ali, who he’s been married to for 28 years -- an eternity in the entertainment industry.

Ali has been hard at work for years promoting fair trade practices in the world of fashion; she and

Bono started their EDUN fashion line in 2005 “based on a belief that style should have substance,” according to the company bio, “making beautiful clothing whilst committing to developing trade with Africa and encouraging others to do the same.”

Edun, which is now 49% owned by the LVMH global conglomerate, is available in fine stores throughout the U.S., with a new companion natural skincare line called NUDE which is available in London, New York and Dublin.

“Business is tough and the fashion industry is particularly tough. I don't think skincare is easy either, but the beauty press has been really kind to us,” Ali said.

"They really like our products, and our NUDE Replenishing Night Oil has won Beauty Bible's highest scoring anti-aging product ever!”

Though she’s clearly got a head for business, taking care of family is central to Ali’s existence. She and Bono have two grown daughters, Jordan, 22 and Eve, almost 20, and two younger sons, Elijah, 11 and John, 10.  Having the boys, she says, has made it easier to watch the girls going off and doing their own things.

"It's crazy to think that if I didn't have the two boys my family would have been all grown up. It's hard to believe Jordan is 22 now. I mean, I was 22 when I got married,” says Ali.

“I'd kill her if she tried to get married -- then again, my mother probably should have stopped me getting married, too!”


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Eve Hewson is an up and coming actress who was in Cannes last month promoting her first ever film role in This Must Be the Place, which stars Sean Penn.  Her mom is, naturally, extremely proud.

"She's got drive. She gets that from her dad. She's got strength, she's a good girl and she's doing loads of auditions. She hasn't any more movies lined up, but she's a hard worker and she'll keep knocking on doors,” says Ali.

Speaking of future projects, Ali says she’s thrilled with the Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, despite all the twists and turns that have plagued the musical penned by Bono and U2 bandmate the Edge.  The re-worked show, currently in previews for a June 14 opening, aims to improve on the beleaguered debut that literally crashed on Broadway last November with all the injuries and half-finished stunts.

"It's amazing. They've restructured it now and there's standing ovations every night. It's so beautiful and so spectacular and the music is so great, they just had to get the story to flow,” Ali offers.
Ali will remain in Dublin until the boys finish the school year, then the family will reunite back in the U.S., where U2 is on tour until the end of next month.