We love the Web site of the British newspaper The Daily Mail, but man, it can be super snarky, sometimes with good reason (let’s face it, the pretentiousness of some celebrities often needs to be slapped down), and sometimes not.

In the “not” department we look to poor Bono, who was caught by celebrity photographers bare-chested but looking pretty darn good while soaking up the rays and cool water while on vacation in St. Barts last week with his wife Ali, two young sons, and supermodel Helena Christensen and her son.

The folks at the Mail, though, saw things differently, giving the photo the following headline: “U2 could have a body like this: Bono lets his moobs hang out.”

Moobs?!?!?! C’mon! Short for man boobs, yes, but where exactly are Bono’s moobs? 

His body seems in fine shape, perfectly normal and healthy for a 48-year-old rock star and political activist who will always draw critics no matter where he is or what he does. But that’s a sure sign of success, so hopefully he’s not fretting too much about the tabloid snarks – many of whom, we’re sure, have moobs that are really worth snickering over!