Irish actress Eve Hewson – also known as Bono’s daughter – has been doing her bit to promote her first feature film, This Must Be the Place, which opened here in limited release last week. She made the film a couple of years back with Sean Penn and Frances McDormand, and though it premiered at the Cannes Film Fest in 2011 it’s taken a while to make it to this side of the pond.

Eve, 21, has a supporting role as a young friend of the main character, an aging goth rocker who lives in Dublin played by Penn.  The film was partially shot in the Irish capital, but these days, New York resident Eve tells the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine, she’s lost her Irish accent in favor of an American one.

“When I go home, all of my friends are like, ‘Shut up with that American accent. You’re Irish. You better talk like an Irish person,’” she says.

A student at NYU who is due to graduate at the end of the year, Eve plans on pursuing her acting dream with a move to LA once school is complete.  Though Bono and his wife Ali – who Eve is a dead ringer for – questioned their daughter’s career choice at first, now they’re totally on board.

“I think because they’ve been around that world and they know what Hollywood is, especially for a woman -- it can be really difficult,” she says.  “They’re excited about it now, almost too much. They’re like obsessed parents, but it’s cute.”

Her folks, Eve said, were determined not to spoil the four Hewson kids even though they easily could have.  “My parents work really hard to make sure that we don’t feel entitled. They just don’t spoil us. They want us to work for things,” she says.

Working with the sometimes hot-headed Penn was a breeze.  “He was actually really fun. He wasn’t as Method as you’d think. It was a fun set,” she says.

Eve looked lovely a couple of weeks back at a New York screening of This Must Be the Place, and even more gorgeous in the Vanity Fair photo spread.  Her next project is in the can, a role alongside Clive Owen and Marion Cotillard in Blood Ties which is due for release next year.

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