U2 star Bono celebrated his 33rd birthday during the 1993 Zooropa tour with one bizarre gift!

Pal Gavin Friday sent him a packet containing nails, a hammer and wood with a note marked “DIY.”

“He didn’t get up on the cross, though!” said Friday.

Friday's in town for a massive benefit concert at Carnegie Hall gig Sunday night featuring newlywed Andrea Corr,  Bono and the boys from U2, The Pogues' Shane MacGowan and Courtney Love and actress/singer Scarlett Johansson.

The big-hearted rock stars are joining forces to raise money for AIDS research.

Friday says there might be a big party afterwards in one of upper Manhattan's watering holes. But he won't be drinking beer.

“I never drink pints. I’d turn into Van Morrison. If he reads that he’ll kill me. But there’ll be fine wines quaffed after the event, I’ll tell you that baby. It’ll be a very loud late night in upper Manhattan.”