The U2 frontman suffered multiple fractures on his face, arm, shoulder and left hand after falling off his bicycle last November, and as two of his fingers remain numb and won't extend, he is uncertain whether he can play his instrument any more.

He said: "It's not looking good. I'm embarrassed talking about it. It's just a bummer if you like playing guitar."

In 2010, the 'One' singer underwent surgery following a spinal injury and admitted he was almost left permanently damaged.

He said: "I nearly crippled myself. I was that close."

The 55-year-old rocker - who has four kids with wife Ali Hewson - thinks he needs to start taking better care of himself.

He admitted: "Ali says to me, 'Can't you take a hint?' She says, 'You drive through life like a tank.' And it's true. Edge says I look upon my body as an inconvenience. I guess that's going to have to stop."

During U2's recent run of concerts in Boston, Bono visited throat surgeon Dr. Steven Zeitels and horrified the specialist when he admitted to not having had a check-up in 12 years.

He recalled in an interview with Q magazine: "He said, 'Doesn't your living depend on that? Do you not think that's a bit odd?' I said, 'Yeah, I think that might be a bit odd.' I shall change."