Bono has a fan in Sarah Palin. The “Going Rogue” author and former VP candidate mentioned the U2 frontman in her new best-seller, saying how happy she was to have the opportunity to, um, “share ideas and insights” with him during a phone call in September of 2008. We wonder if Bono was equally enamored . . .

In other Bono sightings, he was all over New York last week, hanging out with the likes of Dave Matthews, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Combs. Enjoying a break from the massive U2 world tour which will resume next year, Bono was honored by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, alongside fellow music maker Wyclef Jean.

The two – we mean Wyclef and Bono – are big fans of each other, though Bono regrettably recalled that the last time they got together, at a benefit concert at Giants Stadium, “the place was empty.”

Wyclef, for his part, happily confessed to being a lifelong U2 fan. , "I walked around in a trenchcoat, speaking in the worst Irish accent,” he told the New York Daily News about growing up in Brooklyn.

O’Reilly happened to be at the event, and according to the News he enjoyed some face time with Bono, with the latter even pretending to shadow box the Fox News star. (Or maybe he really wanted to land a punch??)

On Thursday night, Bono was a surprise guest at the annual gala in aid of the Museum of Natural History. The aforementioned Matthews was the musical guest, and he was seen sharing a chat with Bono and other guests prior to his performance.

Finally, on Saturday night at the Plaza Hotel, Bono and his wife Ali were guests at Combs’ – a/k/a Puff Daddy or P. Diddy – 40th birthday bash. Combs confessed to having a big hangover after the bash, sponsored by a vodka company. Let’s hope Bono and Ali didn’t suffer the same fate.