Bono and The Edge’s Broadway production of ‘Spider Man - Turn Off the Dark’ has rebounded from earlier harsh critical review by raking in $2.9 million over nine performances during this past holiday week. ‘Spider Man’ came so far as to oust previous top-spot winner, Broadway juggernaut ‘Wicked’.

The Daily Mail reports that with its $2.9 million in earnings during the holiday week, ‘Spider Man’ has broken Broadway records, making itself the production with the highest gross for a single week. The previous record was held by ‘Wicked’ which earned $2.2 million over eight shows.
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This year, ‘Wicked’ came in a close second to ‘Spider Man’ with $2.7 million gross during the holiday period, but ‘Spider Man’ was triumphant with $2.9 million gross.

Producers of ‘Spider Man’ are now considering creative ways to develop the show, in hopes of keeping revenue on the up. Adding new scenes and new songs, as well as branching out to new cities are all in the cards in order to attract both repeat and new show-goers.

Here's a preview of the show:

Here's a short news piece on the record breaking Broadway show: