U2 front man Bono and singer and humanitarian activist Bob Geldof will edit the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto for one day later this month in a special edition devoted to the future of Africa.

The Irish pair want to explore the issue of extreme poverty in Africa ahead of the G8 and G20 meetings, which will be held in Toronto in June.

It is the first time the Toronto-based paper has invited guest editors into its newsroom. Bono is the founder of One, an advocacy group that fights poverty and disease, particularly in Africa and he also has led a global campaign urging world leaders to forgive African countries' debt.

Geldof, formerly of the Boom Town Rats, organized the Live8 series of concerts in 2005 and also lobbies world leaders on poverty issues. H

'The Globe and Mail, one of the world's great papers of record, has, in a mad rush of blood to the head, agreed to let two Irish pop singers edit their august journal for one special day, one special edition,' Geldof said.

The two will take questions online from readers.