Bono and his wife Ali missed their two daughters so much when they moved to America that they have moved to New York to be with them.

Ali told the Evening Herald at the launch of her new project “Secret Art” that “I just couldn’t bear it” when her two girls left, one for Columbia University and the other for NYU.

Jordan, 24, and Eve, who is the actress, left the same year. “Both girls were gone in one year. So we moved over to be closer to them. That made it less hard.” Ali said.

The couple also have two sons, Elijah, 12, and John, 10.

“Jordan’s just graduated from Columbia, she’d doing politics and French,” Ali explained.

Meanwhile Eve, the actress has revealed her parents found it hard to accept she wanted to be an actress. “It didn’t go over so well with my dad that I wanted to go into the world of acting,” she said.

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“I’ve been acting since I was 15 and my parents were just terrified. I think because they’ve been around and know what Hollywood is, especially for a woman.

“I think when I got into acting college they got into it and they knew I was going to take it seriously.
Ali now approves of her daughter’s choice.

“I’m just happy for her that she has found something that she really loves.

“It’s a tough career choice but she loves it and she seems to be doing quite well at it and it continues to be successful.”

She recently starred in a movie with Sean Penn called “This Must Be the Place.”