Bon Jovi performed at Slane Castle to a crowd of 50,000 fans on Saturday, before jetting off to his next concert.

The U.S. rock star did a two hour set including their biggest hits such as "Living on a Prayer". During the show John told the crowd, “This is the show I’ve been waiting for all year. I like what I see! I’m gonna take in all I see.”

The band left Ireland after they finished the concert, but they would have gladly stayed. A source told The Mirror, “And they really couldn’t believe how fantastic it went when they came off stage. They actually didn’t want to stop playing at all. If it wasn’t for the curfew and the fact that they would have been fined if they carried on, they would have gone on into the early hours of the morning.”

The source said, “After the show, they were saying they so want to play Slane again. They know it’s unlikely to happen, but they loved it so much and really feel like they killed it.” The source continued, “There really is something so special about the place that just drags bands in. It was one of Bon Jovi’s favorite gigs all year.”

Mountcharles told the Herald, “I take my hat off to Bon Jovi. Not only did they do their own songs, they did covers like Start Me Up and Rocking All Over the World. The fans loved it. That’s why they got two encores.” Bon Jovi performed in front of a fifties style car bumper or grille set.  The venue can hold up to 80,000 fans.

Mountcharles’ critics have described the local openers like Ham Sandwich, Bressie, and The Coronas as “the penny-pinching support bill.” He responded to them, “It is extremely odd that anyone would say that about supporting Irish performers.”

Despite Bon Jovi’s departure, the after party continued until 8am the following Sunday. Mountcharles’ guests included Minister Leo Varadkar and Mexican Ambassador Carlos Garcia de Alba. The VIP area included boxing champion Kenny Egan and his girlfriend Stephanie Williams. Model Rozanna Purcell and former Ireland soccer star Gary Kelly also attended.

John Bon Jovi at Slane CastleHandout