Sir Bob Geldof spoke fondly for over 30 minutes about his father at Sunday’s funeral mass in Dublin. St Joseph’s church in Glasthule was filled to capacity for the requiem mass. Geldof’s father Bob Snr died in Dublin aged 96 last week.

 In his opening remarks he played tribute to his sisters. "I should begin by saying to you of my absolute amazement at my two sisters and all they did for my father. I was away for most of the time and I really didn't want to know about that stuff. While they made his life, all his life, a great joy and pleasure I can't really say the same about myself," he said.

During the eulogy Geldof said his father lived life with gusto and was not afraid of death. His mother Eve died 50 years ago from a brain hemorrhage which left his father to raise three young children by himself.

Geldof said that his Dad met his mother when he was working as a chef in Cork. They started courting after he won a boxing match with her fiancé.
"Dad knew that death was a continuity of life. He was absolutely secure in the knowledge that he was going to meet the towering exuberant love of his life, my mum," said Geldof.
U2’s Bono was a regular visitor to Bob Snr’s home but was unable to be present at the funeral. His wife Ali who attended the funeral presented Geldof with white lilies and roses carrying the message: "Road warrior to the end and beyond."

Geldof acknowledged that there were some turbulent times between him and his father but "at no point did he ever stop me saying, doing or acting the way I did and you have to be pretty flexible to have a child like that".
In his usual witty manner Geldof added "There are more people in this church than come to one of my f***ing gigs."

Other mourners included Labour TD Michael D Higgins, and the Taoiseach's aide-de-camp Michael Treacy.

Bob Geldof comforted by Bono's wife and close family friend Ali Hewson