Dublin slang is a language all of its own -- and famous worldwide.

Here are some choice examples:

Bleeding – as in “She’s bleeding ugly, I’m bleeding hungry"—unnecessary word interjected every five sentences.

The Moth
- The woman, the chick, the girlfriend, the significant other as in “me and the moth went to the flicks"—my significant other and I attended the movies.

I will in me bollix do it.
– I won't  under any circumstances do that.

Knackeragua — derogatory slang name for Tallaght a Dublin suburb

Skin and blister -  The sister

Any chance of the ride? Er, would you be open to sexual intercourse?

Bleeding Culchie - Anyone not from Dublin

Floozy in the Jacuzzi - Statue of Molly Malone sculpted lying in a stream

It was animal craic. — It was great fun altogether.

I’m heading to the gaff – I’m going home

Any chance of a ride and a rasher? - A plea to stay overnight have intercourse and have breakfast made the next morning .

A guide to Dublin slang