Town fathers in Susan Boyle's hometown of Blackburn want to put up a statue to honor the frumpy woman who shot to fame in Britain's Got Talent.

The humble woman has certainly put her town on the map and now the council there wants to recognize that with an official statue.

Tourists have already started flocking to Blackburn to see where the 48-year-old calls home.

Now, the West Lothian Council is thinking of putting up a statue to both commemorate one of their most famous daughters and attract more visitors to the area.

The council first became aware of the massive interest in Susan when New Yorkers Del and Leslie McMillan were inspired to visit Blackburn after following her unlikely rise to fame.

They set up a blog which described the places that Susan frequented, such as the local hotel where Boyle performed karaoke, and the blog traffic went through the roof.

Leslie says the couple couldn't wait to visit Blackburn.

"Susan blew America away with her singing and like many fans, we wanted to find out as much as we could about her," she says.

"But until you get to see her village you don't get a true sense of how amazing her story is."

And interest in Susan shows no sign of stopping.

"Certainly the council would like to recognize Susan in some way in Blackburn," says a council spokesman.

"I have just had a Japanese TV crew asking if it was possible to film in the town," he said.