Even Bill O'Reilly may be starting to think Glenn Beck has gone too far on swine flu.

Beck has been claiming that the Obama administration has been hyping the risks of swine flu and he is threatening to hold a "swine flu party" where he and others will expose themselves to the virus to prove it is all a fake.

He also seriously discusses whether the government is set to inject a secret microchip into people when they get their swine flu shot.

Even Bill O’Reilly thinks that is a bridge too far. On Thursday night's section called 'Beck and Call' O'Reilly said that Beck's obsessive focus on disproving swine flu and attacking the World Health Organization and others is somewhat ridiculous.

O'Reilly pointed out that far from everyone being forced to vaccinate only health care workers have to do so - a fact finally admitted by Beck.

O'Reilly said that instead of spending an hour attacking the swine flu issue Beck should just say what he thinks is wrong and move on and stop obsessing about it.

O'Reilly said his own show would spend 'about two seconds' on one issue that Beck obsessed about - that callers had told him that the government would implant a secret microchip when
they were vaccinating people.

O’Reilly said, "That’s nuts!’ And that’s that, we’re finished with it.”

News Hound, a media watch site said "O’Reilly did his usual bit of sticking it to Beck, and,
as always, it was clear O’Reilly thinks of Beck as something of the Village Idiot. With video."

Maybe O'Reilly is having an impact. Beck has stepped back a little from his "swine flu party" idea.

The Christian Science monitor is reporting that Beck now refuses to say whether he will get the shot.

Beck said on the show, "I'm trying to give you the facts tonight with no opinion."

Now that's new. Maybe Bill O' is finally able to talk sense to Glenn Beck.

Maybe it's love in the time of swine flu