FOX News host Bill O’Reilly cut to the chase during his appearance on Katie Couric’s new talk show ‘Katie’ on Wednesday.

Couric played ‘the name game’ with O’Reilly, where she would say a person’s name and O’Reilly would respond bluntly - naturally - with his opinions of the person.

Couric and O’Reilly also chatted about the mock presidential debate he organized with Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart. The two are known for going after each other on their shows, but always refer to each other with respect. They recently teamed up for The Rumble 2012, a live-streamed debate online that saw proceeds go to charity.

During the ‘name game,’ O’Reilly surprisingly offered mild, but honest, comments for most of the people Couric brought up, which was a wide spectrum ranging from TLC’s newest star HoneyBooBoo to former president Bill Clinton, whom he called “brilliant.”

Check out the video of O’Reilly chatting with Couric here:


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