Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly believes that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump resembles President John F. Kennedy.

Speaking on 'CBS News Sunday Morning' the Irish American Fox host said that when he thinks of America's past presidents who compare to The Donald, the Irish American president JFK springs to mind.

O'Reilly who has co-written several books, including "Killing Kennedy" said that Trump's wealth gives him the ability to say whatever is on his mind.

During the CBS news snippet O'Reilly brought journalist Mo Rocca on a tour of his historical memorabilia, including letters from Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin. The pair also spoke O'Reilly's weekday Fox show "The O'Reilly Factor."

O'Reilly who does all the scripting for his show himself, said his ease with language, his "gift for the gab," down to his Irish roots.

He said, "I have that Blarney. I have that gift and I use it."

The Fox host went on to say that young people's lack of knowledge about history is at "red alert."

After speaking about his future upcoming books and his public spat with fellow Fox host George Will, O'Reilly was asked about Trump.

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He told CBS "He is a guy who has billions of dollars. And if you have billions of dollars, you can say what you want, all right? So ever since he's been two years old, Donald Trump has pretty much said anything he wanted to say."

His interviewer, Mo Rocca, then said "But that sounds like you're describing, in part, a spoiled brat."

The Fox host continued "Not spoiled. He's got the resources where he can say anything he wants to say. Kennedy was the same way. John Kennedy did whatever he wanted to do and said whatever he wanted to say. Did he not?"

John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, just months after he visited his ancestral home in Ireland. He continued to be world renowned for his speeches including his most famous on calling for "mutual tolerance," which was given during the Cold War.

During his CBS interview O'Reilly was asked to name something Trump had said that made him wince. He replied "I didn't like the John McCain stuff. John McCain's a hero. He suffered greatly for his country."

In June 2015 Trump said of Senator John McCain "He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

McCain was captured during the Vietnam War and survived five and a half years, including torture, at a prisoner of war camp.

When asked "What's something that Hillary Clinton has said that's made you wince?"

He said "I don't like her calling people misogynists and racists. I think it's disingenuous. I don't think she knows the people, and I just think it's cheap."

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Here's the interview in full: