Bill O'Reilly has murder on his mind. Specifically, the murder of three of the most influential men in history.

First the pugnacious Fox News pundit turned two presidential assassinations into best sellers, but for his follow up he's tackling the most consequential execution in history: O'Reilly says his next book will be about the execution of Jesus.

According to USA Today Killing Jesus will be published September 24 with help from his usual collaborator Martin Dugard, O'Reilly announced on Wednesday on The O'Reilly Factor. But don't think it'll be another re-telling of the greatest story ever told.

'We've uncovered some interesting things about the execution of Jesus of Nazareth and how it all ties into Roman power,' O'Reilly said, suggesting that perhaps the Fox News anchor had uncovered the biggest scoop in history. That, or it just could be more inspired fodder for Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

O'Reilly gave no indication of what dramatic new information he'd uncovered instead telling viewers, 'I think you're going to like it.'

O'Reilly, a former high school history teacher, told USA Today last October that Dugard undertakes most of the research and he handles the writing. Their jointly produced books on Lincoln and Kennedy were huge bestsellers.

Killing Lincoln reportedly landed at number 3 on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books in October 2011 and has been in the top 50 for 59 weeks. It's currently number 46. It was adapted as TV special narrated by Tom Hanks that aired on Sunday on National Geographic Channel and drew 3.4 million viewers, a record for the channel.

Killing Kennedy also landed on the list at number 3 in October 2012 and has been in the top 50 ever since. It's currently number 44.

Killing Jesus, O'Reilly said in a statement released by his publishers, 'will recount the seismic political and historical events' that made the death of the 'beloved and controversial young revolutionary' known as Jesus of Nazareth inevitable.

'Jesus Christ has not walked among us physically for more than 2,000 years, yet his presence today is felt the world over and his spirit is worshipped by more than 2.2 billion people. His teachings, his legacy, his life as a flesh-and-blood man and his death created the world in which we live.'

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