The play by Richard Nelson 'Hyde Park on Hudson' which blends history and speculation is being made into a movie and is now in production.

History was in the making when the King and Queen arrived at President Roosevelt's upstate New York home on the Hudson River, with a promise of politics and a picnic.

No reigning British monarch had ever been to the United States before George VI's visit in 1939, just before a new world war broke out.

It was during this June weekend visit, that the scandalous love affair between President Roosevelt and his cousin Margaret Suckley aka Daisy becomes apparent.

Bill Murray is the only actor cast in the movie so far, which will be directed by South African Roger Michell, who directed Peter O'Toole in his Oscar-nominated performance in Venus (2006), and is known for Notting Hill (1999) and Changing Lanes (2002). Onboard to produce is Kevin Loader (In the Loop) and David Aukin.

Anything with Bill Murray in it is bound to be good, and it will be interesting to see who is going to play Eleanor Roosevelt along with the King and Queen.


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