An opera celebrating the early life of former president Bill Clinton called “Billy Blythe” debuted this past weekend as part of the Metropolis Opera Project at the Medicine Show Theatre in New York.

The opera shows name makes reference to Clinton’s father Bill Blythe, who died three months before his birth. Described as a folk opera, the show follows a day in the life of teenage Clinton during the summer of 1959 in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

It was created by Bonnie Montgomery and Britt Barber.

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Speaking about the show Montgomery told BBC news: “Growing up in Arkansas, I heard a lot of stories about Clinton,"

"But the real inspiration came when I was reading his autobiography."

"It's an amazing story that a man can come from where he came from and become the president.

"His personality is mythical and where he came from provides the perfect mythical backdrop."

Praising the show the former president said: “It works. The sets are great, the choreography is great. I love it. The story really hangs together.”