ABC’s hit TV show WifeSwap features an Irish family from Pennsylvania whose motto is “"if you are lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough!"

Mom Pamela (47) and Dad Tim (47) are so proud of their Irish heritage, they've immersed their children, Kathleen (15) and Thomas (14), in up to four hours of Irish activities every day.

Meanwhile, out west in Washington, the Mallick family's motto is "everyone has a little white trash in them!" Biker mom Jennifer (30) and her bearded, biker husband, Jason (37), are proud owners of 13 motorcycles and parents to two hell-raising sons, Logan (7) and Damon (4).

Jennifer often dons thigh-high- boots, short skirts and leather, transforming her into "Hot Biker Mama Jenn," which Jason loves to flaunt. The Mallicks frequently have their rowdy friends over for all night biker bashes, complete with a party pole for entertainment.

The stage is set for a culture clash when the wives swap homes. Pamela can’t believe how mad the Mallicks are about motorcycles, while Jenn is aghast at the amount of Irish heritage on display.

Watch the clip and see what you think. Which home would you rather live in!