Viewers of Channel 4’s Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Christmas special will witness a bride in Ireland wear a diaper as padding to protect her hips from the weight of her dress.

The popular series will follow Lavinia, who will be wearing a dress that has 20 underskirts and weighs 15 stone during a Christmas special of the hit Channel 4 reality TV show, which was filmed in Ireland.

The Sun newspaper reports that viewers will watch the eager bride wait outside the church for an hour, while her groom has a few drinks in the pub before the ceremony.


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“Every year the local population triples as Irish travellers from across Europe return to the small town for a knees-up. Many couples take advantage of the annual get-together to get married.” The Sun added.

Speaking about her big day, which was filmed last Christmas in the middle of a heavy snowfall, the 17-year-old bride said, “It's the worst experience of my life carrying this dress. It's 15 stone.”

One wedding guest added, “The men get dressed, they go to the pub, they drink until they are sick, then they come here.”

Lavinia’s wedding was one of nine Traveller weddings that was filmed in Ireland last year. The lavish wedding was filmed in Rathkeale, south west Ireland.

My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas airs on Channel 4 on December 13.