Superstar Beyonce knows what is good for her. The superstar was pictured backstage at Croke Park drinking a pint of Guinness ahead of her Dublin concert on Saturday night.

In the photo, the 34-year-old, considered one of the biggest acts in the world, wears the same white lace, high-collared Self Portrait dress she’d worn at Wimbledon, in London, a few hours before. The singer also sports a line of Guinness-foam on her famous pout.

The Irish Independent reports that in Beyonce’s tour rider were requests for Pepsi, Champagne, and Chardonnay; however, there was no mention of Guinness. She obviously discovered it for herself!

The superstar must have decided she needed to fortify herself with the famous Irish beverage before her two-hour performance in front of a crowd of 75,000 people.


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Beyonce performing during her Formation World Tour.Wikipedia/Creative Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0