Beyonce is said to be worth over $300 million but when she went shopping in Dublin this week she was intent on bargain hunting.

The superstar was seen on Grafton Street, the main shopping street in Dublin and bought a $100 black and silver sequined skirt along with a $100 black and white jumpsuit.

Sources said there was no diva-like behavior, no demand the store be closed while she was shopping, she was said to be friendly and nice to everyone she met.

"Beyonce came in for about a half an hour and was accompanied by two bodyguards," one onlooker told the Evening Herald.

"She wasn't in the least bit precious and didn't look for any extra attention from the staff because of who she was.

"She was very nice and courteous to the other shoppers who were there at the time and seemed very impressed by the clothes they had.

"Beyonce was saying to her minders that the outfits would be perfect on stage or when she has to make any public appearances and told the staff 'the more glitter and sparkles the better'," they added.

The star returned to Ireland for two sell-out appearances at the O2 arena in Dublin last Sunday and Monday night, and went to Belfast on Tuesday.