Belfast trio, Two Door Cinema Club are enjoying international success as they begin their third tour in the U.S., a considerable feat for a band barely three years old.

Kevin Baird, bass player with the band admits their success so far has been “pretty incredible."

"I feel . . . we spent a lot of time doing tours of the U.K. without anyone really noticing who we were for ages. And it kind of sparked one day. I think it was about this time last year that things really started to pick up," he told the Washington Post.

The indie rock band is comprised of Baird, Alex Trimble and Sam Halliday. All 21 years old, the three have been friends since grammar school in Northern Ireland.

"We wanted to write music that we loved, but we never saw it as being possible until we were meeting these people who were just normal people and . . . not some kind of unobtainable, unapproachable thing," Baird says.

"So that was the first thing that showed us it was pretty easy for us to be in a band.”

Watching their favorite bands plays the same venues night after night inspired them to want more.

"There are so many examples of incredible bands," Baird says, "especially here in Belfast, but they never play anywhere else because there's no demand for them ... The goal was to go on tour in other countries. It wasn't to be a massive, sell-out-arenas band. We just wanted to be able to go places and see the world and do what we love doing."

The band released their first single 'Something Good Can Work' in 2009 and Baird admits things “flew” from there.

"All the copies sold out really quickly, and people were demanding more. But we were trying to keep it really cool and low-key because we didn't have an album ready. . . . We were just trying to put feelers out there, and people really took hold of it and wanted more and more."

Last year saw the release of the debut album "Tourist History” which proved to be very popular with fans.

"We want to make people dance," Baird says. "We want people to have a good time . . . and kind of lose yourself for a bit."

The Belfast musicians are planning to release their second album in 2012 after their U.S. tour ends.

"Obviously we're ambitious people and we want to progress and we want be bigger, and I think at the moment, America is our focus," Baird says.

"We're really just conscious of spending time out there and smashing it, and doing what we know we can do."

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