Long Island is home to many summer destinations, but only one can boast that it is completely surrounded by beaches: the city of Long Beach. It may be a small island with a small town feel, but it is a bustling community with thrilling activities for both the warm and cool weather.

"The boardwalk, the beach and the nightlife are our biggest draws," said Mary Euhlinger, resident and member of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.

It's no surprise young people flock to this seven-mile-long paradise, with all the bars and by-the-sea activities. Teens and twenty-somethings don't just enjoy the beach, they live it. If water isn't their forte, they can spend their days practicing for the volleyball tournaments, or taking in all the boardwalk has to offer, and some rays.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the island even hosts free concerts on the beach.

"We have a little saying out here," she laughed, "when you have Long Beach sand in your shoes, you can't have any other."

Perhaps that's because Long Beach is home to some very fine sand. Joanna Kelly, local resident, said "Our sand is comparable to the sands of Bermuda. It is fine and soft and you would be lucky to feel some between your toes."

Long Beach isn't just for the young crowd. The island is home to many second and third generation adult Irish Americans, who came during the summer and stayed for a lifetime. The main streets along the West End are lined with proud Irish flags that fly high.

These Irish-Americans and Long Beach locals come together for a big-bang celebration in October to kick of the fall season. The feast day of St. Brendan the Navigator is known as "Irish Day" on the island. The streets are flooded with green shirts, hats and shamrocks, green, white and orange balloons and thousands of happy people.

It is an extravagant festival that celebrates the Irish and the fabulous "city by the sea."