Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon are set to star in “The Long Red Road," an adaptation of Brett C Leonard’s stage play.

Hardy, who recently starred as Bain in “Dark Knight Rises” and Mr Eames in “Inception,"  is set to take the role of Sam.

In 2010, Hardy also starred in the stage version of Leonard’s play at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. Philip Seymour Hoffman directed its debut, however it is still not known if he will be attached to the movie version, according to Variety.

Sam, the character played by Hardy, in the upcoming feature movie, attempts to drink away his demons on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. A visitor from his past arrives and Sam is forced to take stock of his life and what he’s left behind.

Shannon, who is a returning actor on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” and will soon star in “Man of Steel," will take on the role of Sam’s older brother.

Brett C Leonard is the former writer and producer on HBO's "Hung" and a longtime member of New York's Labyrinth Theater Company. He will write the screen adaptation.

Tom Hardy and Michael ShannonGoogle Images