1. The umpteenth rendition of the “Night Before Christmas usually by a slow-witted celebrity who just "discovered” the poem.

2. Those dreadful "Buy her a Mercedes" / "Buy her an Audi" ads on television complete with bow tied on the car. Everyone knows it's only for rich, useless-looking, wealthy white folk.

3. Atheists who want to spoil the day for everyone else by proclaiming it’s all a fake.

4. The annual silly hunt for who has been the biggest Scrooge all year.

5. The annual fight over who is waging the War on Christmas. Listen up, Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly.

6. The lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in Manhattan, when the entire city grinds to a halt.

7. Those who throw their Christmas tree out the day after Christmas and refuse to enjoy the season.

8. "Elf." It's one of the most dreadful movies – holiday or otherwise – ever made.

9. Elevator Christmas music -- there's no escaping it, un;ess you plan to take the stairs.

10. The Kardashian Kristmas Kard, featuring the most vapid, money-grubbing family on earth. Are we supposed to believe THAT is the spirt of Christmas?