Lindsay Lohan was back in the news over the weekend after her home in Los Angeles was burgled for the second time this summer.

Entertainment Web site TMZ reported that several watches were taken when a safe was broken into in the starlet's house.

Lohan arrived home early Sunday morning to find her house burgled and immediately called her father Michael, who in turn called authorities. The house was empty at the time of the burglary.

Michael Lohan believes the perpetrators of the break-in had inside knowledge and is worried over the safety of his daughter.

"I am not going to put up with individuals violating my family. Lindsay is a charitable, generous person that always gives. This is a personal violation and it has got to stop," he told TMZ.

In May, Lohan’s house was also robbed when security cameras captured intruders on the 23-year-old’s premises.

The burglary topped a bad weekend for the Irish-American actress, who had to call the cops in New York on Friday night to get her cell phone back from a deli store in the city.

The “Machete" star left her phone in the store after picking up a few things and when she returned to retrieve it, the store assistant, who did not know who Lohan was, would not return it until they had looked through security footage to verify the phone was indeed hers.

This did not go down well with Lindsay, who became enraged and had the police called. By the time the cops arrived the situation was resolved.