PHOTOS - The 2012 naked Irish Farmers Calendar slideshow

Once again Irish farmers have shed their clothes in the name of charity and good fun for the Irish Farmers 2012 Calendar, 100% Beef. Already the calendar is selling like hot-cakes (or dare I say beef-cakes) in the UK and Germany.

The Irish organized calendar, now in its second year, continues to give a quarter of its profits to Bothar. This Irish charity has been sending livestock to the developing world since 1991.

Some of the delectable farmers appeared on RTE's "The Late Late Show" with Ryan Tubridy. The farmers, though blushing slightly, showed that the calendar was put together in the name of a good cause and a bit of fun.

Michael, aka Mr March, who's photographed with an adorable piglet said "The piglet's actually the real star in that picture. Everyone that sees it can't work out who's cuter: me or the pig."

Charlie, Mr February, photographed in the bath with a duck, coyly told Tubridy "My Mam's seeing that photo for the first time right now".

PHOTOS - The 2012 naked Irish Farmers Calendar slideshow

Though the farmers may blush at being taken outside of their comfort zone, this "agri porn", as Tubridy dubbed it, is taking off. Already the calendar has recieved orders from the US, Australia, Britain, Germany, Poland, and France

It seems that there's an international audience hungry to see the charms of Ireland’s farms.

The calendar is the brainchild of entrepenuer Ciara Ryan of CR Enterprises. In fact, this calendar for charity became a reality when Ryan had been made redundant.

She explained "I thought this would be a great idea and a bit of fun...All of our calendar boys are natural models; no make-up, no additives,  no preservatives! And the guys were great craic to work with.”

Mr April, Gearoid Hickey, from Ballyneety and Mr November, Stephen Fitzgerald from Croom, spoke to the Limerick Leader about how they got involved with the project.

Stephen said “They are selling very well in Germany and the UK for some strange reason but we won’t ask any questions. A quarter of the profits go to Bothar so the more sales the better.”

On the calendar’s site there’s a section where farmers can apply to take part. However, when Ciara Ryan, the organizer, phoned Hickey and Fitzgerald, it was the first time they had heard about it. Their delightful friends had applied on their behalf.



PHOTOS - The 2012 naked Irish Farmers Calendar slideshow

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“One of my friends in Macra suggested I send in details and a photo but I didn’t take much notice. She sent off the details unknownst to me and when I got the phone call saying I’d been chosen all the pieces in the puzzle fitted together! I’ve done a lot worse for Macra so I said I’d go along because Bothar is a great charity.”

Hickey had a similar experience, although he still doesn’t know who signed him up. He said “They asked me to go to Gorey for the photo shoot and once I knew it would help Bothar I said I might as well.”

This is the perfect calendar for expats, office mates, in fact anyone who loves Ireland or likes a laugh. You can buy the calendar from the site

Last week the Farmer's Calendar was featured on RTE's 'Late Late Show' and some of the foxy farmers even turned up to promote the charity calendar.

PHOTOS - The 2012 naked Irish Farmers Calendar slideshow

Here's the clip:

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