The Australian actress Toni Collette, now starring in Hitchcock and also well known for Golden Globe and Emmy winning role in the Showtime series United States of Tara, has lent her support to the Irish humanitarian relief agency Concern this holiday season. 

“We so often receive gifts during the holidays that we don’t need and will never use,” said Collette. “Concern Gifts is a way to honor your family, friends, and colleagues with a gift that makes a profound impact on people who don’t have even the most basic essentials, like food and clean water.”

Concern Gifts, according to a press release from the organization, is an online catalogue of items that help those who need it most.  “The gifts, which range from $12 for a piglet to $260 for skills training, all support Concern’s health, education, HIV and AIDS, and livelihoods programs in 25 of the world’s poorest countries,” the release says.

“If each of us replaces just one item on our holiday shopping list with a Concern Gift, we can change the future for people, families, and communities trapped in the cycle of extreme poverty,” said Collette. “It really is a gift that keeps on giving—where it’s needed most.”

Sounds like an ideal way to end shopping for those sweaters that nobody needs. To purchase a Concern Gift visit

Toni Collette.