In his first episode, which aired on CBS in the US on Monday night, the actor's billionaire character Walden Schmidt attempts to commit suicide in the ocean after his wife dumps him.

However, he fails to take his own life and instead winds up totally nude on the deck of the Malibu home of Alan Harper – played by Jon Cryer.

Alan is so shocked when he sees the naked billionaire standing at the window he drops an urn carrying the remains of his brother Charlie Harper – who was portrayed by fired star Charlie Sheen - all over the floor.



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After a short time, Alan and Walden bond over women who have dumped them throughout their lives and decide to go out for a few drinks to toast their newfound friendship.

While the pair pick up a couple of ladies at the local bar and end up taking them back to the house, Walden eventually beds both of them leaving Alan on his own. The wealthy character then announces he is buying the house.

This comes after it is revealed Charlie's alter-ego died after being hit by a Paris subway train shortly after admitting to his new wife Rose – played by Melanie Lynskey – that he cheated on her.

Rose tells the congregation at his funeral: "I forgave him because I loved him unconditionally, so you can imagine my horror when the very next day he slipped on the metro platform and fell in front of an oncoming train. I just want you to know that Charlie didn't suffer. His body just exploded like a balloon full of meat."