One Direction fans have welcomed the Irish and British boy-band into the United States with open arms as of late. With a steadily growing fan base, One Direction could be taken to the next level with a possible collaboration with teen pop king Justin Bieber.

“Very possible. He [Bieber] likes them and thinks they are good dudes. All people of that generation should be there to help each other,” Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun said on the possibility of the pop megastars working together in the future.

Currently, One Direction is embarking on their American tour with other teen pop band Big Time Rush. ‘Directioners,’ as One Direction fans call themselves, flooded Rockefeller Plaza this morning when the boy-band performed on the ‘Today’ show on NBC.

Last night, however, the lads received a stern talking to from their Simon Cowell-led record label Syco after causing a bit of a ruckus at bowling alley in New York City. When band mates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson decided to fling two or three bowling balls down the alley at once, they smashed up some of the machinery.

“The whole thing came off its hinges. It totally broke,” said Tomlinson. “We got a slap on the hand and were told off by the label for that.”

“We’d taken over a lane, played about two games and then got a bit bored.

"So we started an experiment, throwing two or three balls at the same time.”

Styles added that “It was really bad but quite funny – but no one else thought so.”

The bowling alley incident came just hours after the group rocked Radio City Music Hall. The fan hysteria reached new heights when their tour bus was delayed due to throngs of fans in the area.

Here, catch One Direction on the Today show:

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