In yet another teaser of the highly anticipated 'The Dark Knight Rises,' photos have just been released of Anne Hathaway’s sexy Batwoman costume. She’s set to play both Selina Kyle and Catwoman, and the picture of her has gotten confused reactions.

First off, she's not wearing feline ears or a half-mask, like her predecessor Halle Berry did; instead, she's donned a particularly-intenselooking pair of goggles and a ponytail. Plus, she's riding the Batpod, something that's also unusual.

The actress has remained mum as to secrets on her role, joking that she "signed a blood oath," to stay silent until the release. The film is currently being filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is set to be released next summer.

Hathaway has a long line of sexy Catwomen to live up to: Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry all had the roles before her, according to

It seems as though eager audiences will just have to wait a bit longer in hopes that director Christopher Nolan will release some more previews of that movie that Hathaway says is "going to be really good."



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