READ MORE- Anne Hathaway leaves Catholic Church over gays

Award winning actress Anne Hathaway has signed an open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, which urges him to readdress his stance on same sex marriage.

Hathaway signed the letter which was posted to Obama last Monday. The letter appeals for him to be more supportive of gay marriage.

Other celebrities who signed the letter included television host Ellen Degeneres, Glee comedian and actress Jane Lynch and several others high profile stars.

The letter entitled “Say I Do Mr President”,  is the latest move by the marriage equality group “Freedom to Marry”.

The body of the letter includes the following.

"In February, you made a powerful statement about the law. We ask you now for your leadership on ending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage - an exclusion that harms millions of Americans each day. Whether to end discrimination in marriage is a question America has faced before, and faces again today".

The letter urges Obama to "end exclusion from marriage" and adding, "We ask you to complete your journey and join us, and the majority of Americans, who support the freedom to marry".

READ MORE- Anne Hathaway leaves Catholic Church over gays