Angelina Jolie thinks Bob Geldof is a "wonderful, wonderful man"

The former Boomtown Rats star has been criticized for his part in the Band Aid 30 single, which is considered patronizing by some, but Angelina, 39, has defended Bob, insisting he organized the charity single to fight Ebola with the best intentions in mind.

The 'Maleficent' actress said: "I think what Bob Geldof does comes from his heart and he's a wonderful, wonderful man.

"Their intention was absolutely in the right place. We all have our ways of approaching this continent and we all have our ways of answering the call to help others and they're all different and we all do work differently, but I think in our hearts for the same reason, so that's what's important, and I have different ways."

However, Angelina admits much more needs to be done in order to beat Ebola, telling Channel 4 News: "Like everybody I'm gravely concerned. We have a clinic in Addis we're just opening.

"It's a TB Aids clinic and we've been wondering if we need to turn it into more infectious diseases. We've been speaking to a lot of people on the ground.

"There is so much more that needs to be done, but I am of course not a scientist or somebody that is physically there to know how much more we can do."