Irish singer Andra Corr has lameted her own good looks and said they only made her feel insecure in her life.

The star reveals her uneasy relationship with fame and beauty in an upcoming interview with Gay Byrne, to be aired on the television host's new 'Meaning of Life' series this Sunday, according to the Irish Independent.

The 36-year-old mother-to-be also said that she has always felt uncomfortable being labeled as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The Dundalk, Co Louth, singer and actress also reveals it took years for her to get together with her husband, Brett Desmond.

"The celebrity thing is very uncomfortable. To suddenly see yourself everywhere when you are almost adolescent in your feelings about yourself and so self-critical, it made me so self-conscious," said the star.


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"It's like walking through a long corridor of mirrors with two mirrored doors at each end. That led to making me self-conscious.

"The celebrity thing is quite crazy and it makes me want to hide in the corner."

Said Corr, who frequently appears on the lists of the world's most beautiful women: "I was very self-critical growing up and seeing yourself everywhere certainly doesn't make you feel beautiful. It is quite strange. It kind of had the opposite effect on me."

The singer, who is expecting her first baby and has released a new album called 'Lifelines,' said she feels very blessed.

"I'm doubly blessed to do something I love, which is music and theatre. My love, my husband and my friends and family are really what it is all about."

She also confessed that it took years for her to get together her husband.

"It is quite strange. I had known Brett for a few years. He was friends with (her brother) Jim.

"I knew he was a lovely person. Funnily enough, when we got together, I said to him, 'So we were in each other's company so often -- did you not find me attractive or anything?'

"He said, 'No I thought you were beautiful but I thought you were in the corner writing poetry about death,'" she laughed.

"That's what comes from being a bit gothic and hiding behind your hair."

'The Meaning of Life' with Gay Byrne will be shown on RTE One tonight (1/8/12) at 10.30pm.