The Golden Raspberry Awards, a.k.a. the Razzies, have been "cremating cinematic crap for over 25 years," as their Web site proclaims. The day before the Oscars every year, the group bestows worst achievement awards for the most awful acting, screenwriting, directing, songwriting and for the worst film. The following three Irish-American women and one Irish-American man hold the dubious honor of being a part of the Razzie club:

1. Lindsay Lohan - impressive double Worst Actress win for "I Know Who Killed Me"

The Irish and Italian-American tabloid queen used to be considered a formidable force in the acting world, with roles in comedies like "The Parent Trap" and "Mean Girls." But lately, La Lohan is more famous for her DUI's and romantic relationships than her acting chops. In 2007, Lohan tied with herself for Worst Actress as twins Aubrey and Dakota in "I Know who Killed Me." This scene, where Lohan as "Dakota" chats with a psychologist about her past, shows just how deserving she was of the awards.

2. Jenny McCarthy - Worst Actress for "Dirty Love"

Irish and German-American Jenny McCarthy is now a respected writer, Autism awareness advocate and the girlfriend of comedy legend Jim Carrey. But in her not-too-distant past, McCarthy was getting publicity for something she's not quite as respected for - her acting skills. In 2005, the former Playboy playmate was voted worst actress for her dreadful performance as the desperate true love-seeker Rebecca in "Dirty Love." Witness Ms. McCarthy in her all her glory in this scene from the movie.

3. Mariah Carey - Worst Actress for "Glitter"

Ahh, Mariah Carey. Beautiful look (she's part Irish, part African-American and part Venezuelan), beautiful voice (she has a five-octave range!), but according to the public, her acting is not quite as impressive. MiMi won the Razzie award for Worst Actress in 2001 for her performance as songstress Billie Frank (a knockoff of herself) in "Glitter." She doesn't even speak in the first scene of this clip, but it's easy to see exactly what the 2001 Razzie voters were thinking.

4. Pierce Brosnan - Worst Supporting Actor for "Mamma Mia! "
Love Pierce in "The Thomas Crown Affair." Love him in the Bond movies. But as a musical film star? Not so much.

Brosnan is the first Irish-born "winner" of a Razzie - a proud accomplishment - for his singing role in 2008's "Mamma Mia!"
Hear him for yourself in this clip.

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